5 Trophy Fish to Put on Your Bucket List

Dreams are to be made true by pursuing them until you start witnessing them materialize. People will be of different tastes and interests. While some people love traveling and have a list of places to visit, others may simply enjoy having food from various cafes. The people we are talking about here are the ones who find fishing to be their favorite pastime. If you are one among them and have been serious about fishing, your dream would most probably be to catch the maximum variety of fishes from across the world. Thousands of fishing enthusiasts have a bucket list with names of fishes they wish to catch. There are plenty of fishes common in almost all such lists, and if you are planning to make a bucket list, these names can be added. Here are some of the top trophy fishes that would give your list more grandeur.

1.      Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is surely not going to come as a surprise entry on this list because it is a dream forage of all fishing enthusiasts. Off-shore anglers have been seeking out these large and intelligent creatures for over a century, but not many people have succeeded in catching them. However, some anglers have dominated the sport over the past few decades, making it a multi-million dollar industry altogether. Blue Marlin has always been a thrill to pursue, leading to the influx of more visitors to the Bahamas.

2.      Sailfish

Sailfish is one of the most challenging fishes to catch in the ocean owing to the fact that it is too fast. An average speed of around 70 mph has been recorded for sailfishes, making it the elusive type that goes out our clasp. Open ocean fishers find it their favorite fish to catch because it jumps to a great height above the water surface when it has been hooked. Pacific and Atlantic oceans are the most common spots to find sailfishes.

3.      Bluefin Tuna

If you are ready for a challenging fight, this type of tuna is the best call to test your skills. Almost every fishing enthusiast is familiar with the willpower and strength of the bluefin tuna that they don’t jump into the decision to pursue it without preparation. These fishes could also grow to become massive; the current record is a tuna weighing 1,500 lbs. Commercial fishing has caused a drastic drop in the number of Bluefin tuna fishes in the oceans. Desperate fishers can always find this fish in the Pacific Ocean, but make sure to pursue it only if you really need it because they could be on the path to extinction.

4.      Yellowfin Tuna

Fishes that are robust and fast raise your adrenaline as they constantly try to escape your hook. You can have a great time fishing for this yellowfin marvel. It is the second-largest tuna species and can be found in the eastern Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.

5.      Roosterfish

This fast fish can put on a powerful show when you try to catch it in the eastern Pacific’s coastal waters. Roosterfish might not be the best option if you plan to eat it.

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